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My Shop

Here's all the goodies I have to offer! My ceramics, stickers and accessories sell very quickly, so it's quite possible they will be sold out more often then not!


Check out all my handmade ceramics! I hand build almost everything! Sometimes I will slip cast too for some extra fun. The hand built items are made with a speckled clay and the slip cast items do not have speckles. That's how you can tell which is which! I don't throw anything on the wheel; everything is either handmade from slabs, coils or slip cast.

Check out my stickers and accessories! I design high quality, weatherproof stickers and I also design keychains and magnets. Designs are always changing!

Fat Cat-no polka dots.png

Here's where you can find my 2D art such as digital art prints, digital downloads, original paintings and linocut prints! I tend to create digital artwork the most often, so original paintings and linocut prints don't show up very often.

Here's where you can find apparel with printed or embroidered images designed by me! I use drop shipping for apparel, so the clothing is not printed in my studio. It's much more environmentally friendly since each item is printed to order, rather than mass produced. I'm all about comfy, lounge clothing, so that's the vibe you will find in my apparel store.

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