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Who am I?
Hey Friends! I'm Ashley, a Washington based artist, born in Portland, Oregon. I received a BA with
 Honors from the University of Washington, majoring in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts. I specialize in Ceramics, Printmaking, and Illustration.

What do I value?
I find value in a work/life balance so I focus on small batch work. My work can be quite challenging to get because of this! But since I make one-of-a-kind work, it feels extra special when you are able to get something. My favorite part of creating is the process itself. I find so much fulfillment in the process because it's when I learn the most. I value taking my time and making each piece of art with love and care. Quality over quantity is very important to me. I have struggled in the past with the pressures of creating more faster, but that's now how I like to work nor do I have any desire to grow into a mass production business. If your expectations are similar to what is expected from a big name company, then this is not the place for you. I can be unorganized, slow to respond, forgetful, and way too honest. But above all, I care about my supporters and just want the same care in return. I am a person who isn't perfect. My desired supporters are those who are kind, compassionate, patient, forgiving, understanding,
self-aware and loving.

How did I get to where I am now?
For way too many years I felt lost and doubted I would ever find fulfillment in my career. I have always been extremely creative and found a way to create something out of pretty much anything. Unfortunately, I had the misconception that an art career was unattainable. I thought I would be poor and no one would like anything I made. Instead, I became a hairstylist. It felt more realistic and within my capabilities. My career as a hairstylist was the challenge I needed for the time being, however it left a void inside me. It took me almost fourteen years of doing hair to gain enough confidence to allow myself to follow my dream of being an independent artist. I recognized that my need to create is unstoppable and it's not about money or making things that people like. It's about the act of creating, being vulnerable, not taking anything too seriously, and turning my thoughts, experiences and emotions into something tangible. It's about creating things I care about and believing that naturally people will follow. It's about giving in to who I really am, even if that means being poor and everyone hates my work. Creating is my passion, my life blood. Being an artist is who I am to the core and that's it. So, here I am making art and sharing it with the world. 

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