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  1. Q: How do I order kitties and how much do they cost?

    A: I don’t accept orders for kitties, so if you don’t see any available in my shop that means I don’t have any available to sell. What I typically do is make a collection of kitties and once they are all done I will sell them on my website. I don’t accept preorders because I prefer to work more intuitively and create what feels good in the moment, rather than creating specific designs over and over again. As far as the cost goes, it varies depending on the complexity of the design. My least expensive cats would be the mini cats, (roughly 2 inches tall), which cost around $50-75 each. My full size cats, (roughly 3.5 inches tall), have a wider price range of $110-$250 each. Sometimes more if the design is complex. Custom designs typically have a higher cost than what you may see in my regular shop drops. Because of high demand and selling out too quickly, pricing will be increasing. Effective January 1st 2024.


  2. Q: Do you ship internationally?

    A: Yes! Currently, I ship to the United States, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. If you are in a country I do not currently ship to and you're interested in my work, please reach out to me! I'm always open to adding more countries! International shipping is not free. It can be quite costly, so if you are international you will need to budget for shipping costs. Shipping ceramics internationally costs anywhere between $20-$70. I am not responsible for customs fees and/or delays.


  3. Q: Do you accept custom orders?

    A: Yes! However, I rarely open customs and they are by application only. I don't accept every custom order application. I only accept orders that will be fun for me. Custom orders are not a regular thing. Patreon members receive first priority. I typically only accept small amounts at a time, usually no more than 10-15 orders.


  4. Q: How do custom orders work?

    A: When the time comes, I will email my mailing list as to when the custom order request form will open. It will be an application process and your request will need to be approved by me. I will not be accepting every custom order application. You must fill out the application form on my website when it is open. Email requests will not be accepted. I will only accept orders that I feel I will enjoy making. I will not accept custom orders that are movie, show or video game themed and I do not accept simple replicas of pets. I personally don't enjoy making movie, show or video game concepts or pet portraits because they become way too monotonous since people ask for them so regularly. I prefer to create things that are more brightly colored, whimsical and Kawaii inspired. I will require payment upfront and returns/exchanges will not be accepted for custom orders. Patreon members will receive first priority.


  5. Q: How much do custom orders cost and how long do they take?

    A: Custom items can take a long time! Usually I am working on multiple orders simultaneously and orders can take up to 3 months before they ship. Sometimes longer, depending on what the order is and how many orders I am working on at the same time. Ceramic art making is not for the impatient. Custom orders should not be placed if there's a time constraint. As far as cost goes, it varies drastically depending on what is requested. The order minimum is $120.


  6. Q: Do you do wholesale?

    A: No, I do not accept wholesale orders. I prefer to work in small batches.


  7. Q: Do you use environmentally friendly packing materials?

    A: Yes! I use only paper products to wrap ceramic items tied with twine to secure the paper. I also use compostable packing peanuts that dissolve in water. They are made from starch and are safe if your pet ingests them, even though they probably don’t taste very good! Everything is either reusable, recyclable or compostable.


  8. Q: Do you set limits on how many kitties can be purchased when you have sales?

    A: Yes. I don’t love having limits, however my kitties are in super high demand and sell out extremely fast. I set limits to keep things as fair as possible and to ensure more people are able to get one. I typically set a limit of 1-2 per household. This policy is heavily enforced. If I notice someone purchases more than the limit I will reach out and ask which one(s) they want to keep and refund them for the rest. I will then re-list the ones they forfeit on my website. If they don’t respond within 2 days I will choose for them.

  9. Q: Do you offer local delivery or pickup?

    A: No, I don't have a storefront. I am an ecommerce shop only, therefor I only offer shipping.

  10. Q: How often do you have shop updates?

    A: Shop updates vary. It depends on what I am currently working on. I alternate between working on shop updates, prepping for craft markets or making custom orders. I never work on those things at the same time. So if the shop is empty for a long time it means I'm either prepping for a craft market or making custom orders. I have important dates for events or shop updates on my homepage. The most up-to-date information is on my Instagram stories, so tune in there to see what I'm up to!


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