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Custom Order Requests


Custom orders are so fun but they have a lot of rules! Please make sure you understand what you are getting into so everyone is happy! 


  1. This is only a request and it is not guaranteed that your request will be accepted.

  2. You are only allowed to submit 1 form per user. You may request up to 4 items in your submission, but submitting more than once will automatically disqualify your submission. This is because custom order requests will automatically close after 100 requests have been submitted. Submitting multiple requests takes away from others having a chance and this rule ensures as many people as possible have the opportunity to submit a request.

  3. All sales are final.

  4. There are no returns or exchanges for custom orders.

  5. Buyer pays for shipping costs.

  6. Items will be shipped insured and any damages during shipping are the buyer's responsibility.

  7. Be as specific as possible in the description. There are no redos.

  8. Items will be made in my style and may come out slightly different than your vision.

  9. I will NOT copy another artist's work. I will only make work inspired by other artists.

  10. If your request is accepted only minor design changes can be made. Changing the design ideas entirely after acceptance will not be allowed.

  11. Payment in full is required before I begin making your item.

  12. June and Gem lay claims to designs created in custom orders. Any design submissions can be used again by June and Gem for future product sales without any association, credit, or profit given to the design submitter.

Due to the high volume of requests, you will only receive a response if your order request has been accepted. Responses to requests that have been accepted are not instant. Please allow up to 2 weeks after your request has been submitted to receive a response, as it takes a long time to get through all the request forms. If you do not receive a response after 2 weeks, assume your request has been denied.


Denied requests are for reasons such as, but not limited to:

- request is not within my personal style.

- your order request quantity exceeds 4 items.

- the desired design is not something I will enjoy or feel confident making.

- your request is overly complex, requiring a lot of testing and will take too much time to complete.

- your request will be too fragile and risky to ship without breakage.

- I already have too many orders and cannot take on more.

Orders that have been accepted will receive an acceptance email with a price quote. You must respond back within 1 week or I will assume you are no longer interested and move on to the next person.

**If you respond after the 1 week window of time it will be too late, as I have accepted someone else and you will lose your spot!! Make sure you are checking your emails!**

If you are denied, you are always welcome to submit a new request when custom orders open back up!


Please do not put in a request if you are on any sort of time constraint. Custom orders can be a slow process and can take a long time depending on how many other orders are being worked on at the same time. There is no time quote for customs. If your order is accepted and you are curious about the status of your order you are more than welcome to email me and ask!

Please fill out a custom order request!
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Thank you for your submission!

Custom orders are closed!

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